More potential trouble for Park Geun-Hye?  Her office apparently spied on members of the judiciary, including the nation’s top justice, Yang Seung-Tae.  Yang is sort of equivalent to Chief Justice John Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court.  The allegation was made by a former newspaper executive, Cho Han-Gyu, who used to run Segye Ilbo.  Cho used to run Segye Ilbo until he was pressured to resign in 2015, after he reported that Park was relying on “secret advisors who wielded undue influence.”  We hear about this a lot these days — “secret advisors,” “undue influence,” “unchecked power.”  You call this ‘비선실세’ in Korean, which roughly translates to power being secretly wielded by an unelected person, hidden from public view.  [Read more …]