The circle is tightening around Chung Yoo-Ra(정유라), Choi Soon-Sil’s daughter who was the subject of this blog’s very first post.  Korea’s news outlets are reporting that an arrest warrant has been issued for the 20-year old who is currently AWOL in Germany.  Why is Chung being hunted down?  We reported how she became a lightning rod because of her privileged upbringing and favoritism accorded to her given her association with Choi and Park:  her horse training, acceptance to an elite university (Ewha), and the rigged procedures that qualified her for equestrian events and exempted her from attending high school. She is being resented by many Koreans who toil for years to take exams to be accepted to universities.  Not only did she bend the rules, she seems to have flaunted doing so.  [Read more …]