While many regard him as a hero, Ban Ki-moon is not without critics and even enemies in South Korea. Given that he will probably try to become president, many are focusing on his speeches to see what his regime will be like. During his ‘homecoming parade’ from the airport to his residence, Ban said he would “breathe the same air with the everyday citizens” of South Korea. However, it turns out that Ban wanted a bit more ‘pomp and circumstance’ and VIP treatment for the homecoming. Thus, it’s not surprising that Ban, while being mobbed by well-wishers, also attracted some protesters. In fact, Ban’s critics are focusing on several ‘face-palm’ moments and gaffes that took place. For them, Ban’s moniker, “slippery eel,” is particularly apropos given his tendency to talk out of both sides of his mouth. In particular, the younger generation and the Korean left do not share enthusiasm for Ban and his impending presidential bid.